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We are a company based in Singapore and we facilitate services related to Exhibitions and Conferences. We strive to achieve a detailed plan for our clients who are travelling to our partner events. We do whatever is necessary to ensure our clients satisfaction in terms of a stress-free travel, visas, acquiring entry permits, hotel accommodation and transport. We put together an effective cost planning for the entire trip with the help of our partners and add value by helping with networking and scheduling appointments in advance for exhibitors. Our Job is a starting point for creating news ideas and methods when devising a strategy which would be beneficial to our clients.

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Tradeshows/Events are a gateway into upcoming markets that boosts exports and consumer purchasing power which in turn has a positive impact on the economy. Almost every aspiring entrepreneur wants to attend a tradeshow for a number of reasons from launching a product and networking, research and development, looking for buyers/sellers etc. Tradeshows are being organized globally every now and then and millions of people travel to attend these events. 

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Minh Vi Exhibition & Advertisement Services Co, Ltd ( VEAS) Vietnam



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Organizers are extremely busy dealing with sponsors, press & media, technical team, booth designers, special guests speakers, contest for the event, advertising the event and many more. This is where we step in. Our services are personalized to suit an individual exhibitor/visitor and we analyze information to give you the best experience. We are in direct contact with the organizer and crew members in-charge of the event which enables us to assist you at every step starting from furnishing you with all the required details  including complex services with a defined plan of action.

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