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The packaging industry in Vietnam is considered as one of the fast growing economic sectors in terms of scale and number of established enterprises over the last decade.

Aiming to be the next “Factory of The World”, Vietnam is ranked as the most dynamic FMCG markets in Southeast Asia with consumer goods achieve outstanding growth rates such as 12,8% in Ho Chi Minh City, 12% in Da Nang and 10% in Hanoi.

Among one of 17 countries ranked in the group with the highest pharmaceutical industry growth in the world, Vietnam is predicted to be one of 3 countries which have pharmaceutical industry growth continuously averagely 10% per annum. (IMS Health, 2018)


The total consumption of packaging paper in Vietnam in 2018 reached 3.818 million tons, up by 20% over the same period, making it the highest growth rate of Vietnam’s packaging paper industry in the history.


The plastic packaging has also seen a such robust development thanks to great growth achieved by the food sector.

The demand for food packaging in Vietnam in 2015 is 3.915 million tons, by 2020 it will be 5.396 million tons, up 38%, while the demand of the world in In the period of 2015-2020, only 13%. (Euromonitor)

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