Raspberry leaf was first described in 1597 in the book The Herbal, or A General History of Plants by John Norton, the Queen's printer. ... Teas of raspberry leaves were given to women of the Cherokee, Iroquois, and Mohawk Nations  as this was known for its wellness properties for women.

Raspberry Tea  promotes digestion , reduces inflammation and can be used for general health .

2g x 15 Tea Bags



RASPBERRY LEAF ( Rubus Idaeus )

  • Steep for 5 - 10 minutes.
    Please note : It is recommended to use a cup/kettle with a lid so while steeping the essential oils do not evaporate while the extraction takes place to achieve maximum benefits .

    Cold Infusion : Pour 2 cups of luke warm water in a Mason Jar add 1 Tablespoon tea and refrigerate for atleast 2 hours

    Recommended - Adding a teaspoon of honey makes your tea enjoyable as some herbs are bitter in taste .